one more week until I get my tmau test result

The diet doesn’t seem to be helping much (yet) and taking care of my outstanding dental problems didn’t seem to do much.  Since I am prone to yeast infections I’ve been exploring Candida, something I dismissed as psuedo-science in the past.  The Candida diet does have some similarities with the low-choline diet, so it’s probably a red herring of sorts, but I plan to get swab tested for yeast.  I stopped taking probiotics for a while and I just started back a few days ago.

I’m not sure if I want a positive result since TMAU is incurable and the diet seems only to work for a lucky few (perhaps those with milder cases?).  Even if I do test positive for TMAU I won’t be at ease completely until I got to an ENT (to see about my PND and nasal/breath odor) and a proctologist to test for rectal compliance (I feel a wetness a lot of the times the odor is bad, which is probably IBS-related mucus that just smells awful due to the TMAU, but it’s worth testing).

If I have a TMAU that’s very hard to manage I’ll need to adjust my lifestyle accordingly.  It’s not worth the stress and emotional turmoil of trying to live “normally”.  I plan to devote a great amount of my spare time to advocacy, lobbying and fundraising, but I’m not sure if I can endure the torment of dealing with crowded classes, an office, etc. on a daily basis.

It’s almost a cruel twist of fate that I’m often complemented on my looks, my social graces and my humor, but I’m unable to use these strengths.

An interesting case here:

A guy complained of a fecal odor, said he was suicidal and someone suggested he get tested for Candida yeast.  He got a swab test and that came out positive and was prescribed Nysatin:

[First doctor’s visit]

Went to the doctor today and he scraped my tongue and it tested positive for yeast. He prescribed nystatin to use for 10 days. Will see how that goes…

[10 days later]

I have finished the nystatin and I appear to have no odor, fingers crossed. Nystatin did not give any side effects and I felt normal while taking it.
I noticed a change when taking the fiber at a double dose as anonymous did above. The fiber seemed to clean the intestines and diminish the bacteria causing the odor and then the antibiotics killed what was left. I now take the recommended fiber every day and still can’t believe I may be cured! People are getting in my face talking to me and it is freaking me out! Not used to that… Cashiers actually have conversations with me instead of rushing to get me away. People at the gym are working in with me on the same equipment.

[3 weeks later]

After the Nystatin and continuing on taking Fiber Choice at bedtime I seem to still be odor free for about 3 weeks now. Stayed away from breads, simple sugars, and soda (including diet sodas). Still exercise 6 days a week and drink lots of water and Gatorade. Still paranoid that it’ll come back… It eases my mind to brush my tongue with baking soda on a brush, rinse, and then use the tongue scraper.

[months later]

My candida (posts on page 4) comes and goes at random but not nearly as strong of an odor as before. Antibiotics help but they cannot be taken all the time since they kill good bacteria also. I still sweat a lot and have found that the smell is stuck in some of the clothes and as they get damp, they smell awful! I bleached all my clothes (filling the washer with water and adding half cup of bleach, detergent, and then clothes) and that helped a lot. The fungal problem may come from my feet. My feet sweat and I often get athlete’s feet (even though I’ve always used foot spray) and have toenail fungus which may be the source. That would explain why it keeps coming back. I have been washing my feet with hydrogen peroxide and then apple cider vinegar and that seems to help. I always workout and often get jock itch which is similar to athlete’s feet. Using jock itch spray (Lotrimine) on my ass (not anus) where my lower buttocks creases into my hamstring seems to stop my ass from sweating. A light coat of Gold Bond powder in my underwear keeps me cool most times.

Basically what I see here is someone who probably has undiagnosed TMAU that was temporarily helped by adjusting his diet slightly and taking Nystatin.  Maybe certain anti-fungals help temporarily like certain antibiotics (Flagyl, etc.) do.

Thoughts on professional emotional support

I have a therapist willing to work with me, but I’m not sure how much can be done since I think the root of my problem is physical.  Given my circumstances I think I’m holding up okay emotionally.  I’m a little angry and dejected at having to go through this (and I also have IBS, ugh).


Any special tips?  White vinegar during the rinse cycle is something I’ve heard, but I haven’t done yet.

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  1. hey buddy,

    i know exactly how you feel. I live in torment all the time. Only in the last few years it’s been like this. I never used to have to worry about it. Would be so nice to get a clear answer. for now though i guess i’ll have to live in my bubble and keep my distance from people (hard when you work in an office). The mornings im ok but in the afternoon I go crazy. Often visiting the bathroom (luckily only one person at a atime can enter it) to wash my armpits in the sink.

    Anyway just wanted to tell you. I know it won’t help you


  2. So glad to hear this is working. You deserve it!!

    stop Gatarade and switch to coconut water(amazon). Gatarade will feed candida.

    Wash your clothes in an front loader washing machine using tide HE unscented detergent. Fantastic for getting rid of odors.

  3. Also green drinks before meals helps with the needed enzymes for digestion. Clears up breath quickly.

    In blender:
    2 cups of lettuce (not iceberg) romaine, spinach or watercress
    1 banana or apple or kiwi
    1 Tbl. raw (torbinado)sugar
    1 Tbl. baking cocoa or raw nibs, skip this if allergic to chocolate
    mix till smooth, you can also add your fiber to this if needed.

    i do 3 of these per day.

  4. sorry add 1 1/2 cups of spring water to blender

  5. also I place all the laundry detergent in pre-wash then allowing the others to be rinses. Therefore it rinses 3x.

  6. actually Thai I was just referring to a random case of someone online— I myself haven’t been helped yet unforunately. Your advice is still good though. I’m pretty sure for most people Candida doesn’t cause odor (unless its oral thrush) and that this guy I mentioned just has undiagnosed TMAU.

    • candida overgrowth in the intestine can give you body odor that you cannot wash away.
      Per Dr Ann Boroch

  7. yes sorry very hot and tired today, makes my MS act up. I realized the 2nd time i read it i was mistaken. But my advice is for TMAU, promise. Mine was terrrible and still is if i eat processed or frozen type meals. i had two meals this week that i didn’t make and my smell has returned. Damn i hate when i don’t read labels!! I can rid the smell in two to three days.

    But i treated this like allergies. the elimination diet. i started with salads only and herbal tea and lowfat protein. then added food one at a time. 1st day cereal = bad reaction. So no more cereal, etc…. It is a long journey.

  8. hey mate,

    i left the post yesterday as it was one of the most depressing days ive had. anyway last night i did more research and i actually stumbled upon white vinegar. i sprayed the armpits on my clothes and let it soak for 30mins before washig them. i also rubeed it on my armpits 5minutes before showering last night and again 5mins before showering this morning.

    i think it worked! i cant tell for sure coz i cant really smell my BO that well, but i could not smell anything today when i visited bathroom and i actually had my first day without washing my armpits in the sink for years.

    when i get home i sit on the pc and sweat and usually i can smell quite a strong smell from them. today i cant. could this really be true? i really hope so. its amazing the difference in mood between yesterday and today.

    anyway im going to keep trying this and keep you posted.

    take care,


  9. laundry solutions, use instead of fabric softener in the rinse cycle.

  10. Since my Breath Rx gum suggestion didn’t please you, I think the one above, will make up for it.

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